Hiking along Kystriksveien

You will find some of Norway's most spectacular mountains along the coastal route. Visit the Torghatten Mountain, with the famous hole that you can walk through. Outside Sandnessjøen you can hike in the Seven Sisters mountain range.

Heilhornet i Bindal. Foto: Olav Breen

Toursuggestion: Mount Heilhornet

Toursuggestion: Mount Heilhornet Heilhornet is Southern Helgeland’s highest mountain and is located in Bindal municipality. The route is well marked …

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Rødøyløva: Foto: Terje Rakke www.nordnorge.com

Toursuggestion: Rødøyløva

Toursuggestion: Rødøyløva There are daily passenger ferry departures (except on Sundays) at 6:45 from Sandnessjøen allowing you to stop at …

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Mektige Dønnamannen: Foto: Inge Ove Tysnes

Mount Dønnamannen tour suggestion

Mount Dønnamannen tour suggestion The Mount Dønnamannen (The Dønna man) is lying with its nose up at the island Dønna …

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Tvillingene fra Kvasstinden. Foto: Orsolya Haarberg

Hiking: De Syv Søstre

The seven sisters mounatin range Being one of Kystriksveiens most popular natural attractions, the seven sisters mountain range offer spectacular …

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