The island Myken - way out in the ocean!

Myken is a charming, small fishing village and island at the outermost part of the Helgeland Coast in Northern Norway; located about 25 km north of the Arctic Circle and about 32 km from the nearest mainland. The next stop is Iceland !  On Myken, you can visit the world's northernmost Arctic whisky distillery, the Bruket Bord restaurant and bar, and stay at the charming caravan hotel.

Attractions and lodging at Myken



Fiskebruket is a restaurant in the floor above Myken Distillery in the old fishery.

Myken Destillery

Myken Destillery

In the traditional fishing village of Myken, 32 km from themainland, lies the world’s first Arctic whisky distillery.

Myken Apartments

Myken Apartments

Myken Apartments is located on the small charming fishing village of Myken, on the Helgeland coast in Rødøy municipality. The house has two fully equipped apartments, two family rooms and two double rooms.

Transportation to Myken

The way to get to the island Myken is by boat.  During the summer travelling to Myken is very easy from a number of places, with a boat service starting in Bodø and Sandessjøen.

From Bodø to Myken

This is a summer service only.  www.177nordland.no

From Sandnessøen to Tonnes

 This is a summer service only.  www.177nordland.no

Express boat from Tonnes or Vågaholmen

This is the year around schedule.  This is also the way to travel on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer.


The easiest way to get to Myken is by express boat from Tonnes or Vågaholmen.

You can take the express boat from Bodø (southbound) or Sandnessjøen (northbound) to Tonnes, where you switch to the boat servicing the local Rødøy route to Myken.

It is also possible to take the train to Mo i Rana, and go by bus/car from there to Tonnes.

When arriving by car from the south, drive to Mo i Rana via E6 before exiting toward the coast. When arriving by car from the north, Vågaholmen is often the most convenient option. The Rødøy route also stops at Vågaholmen.

There is free parking at Tonnes. There are no vehicles permitted on Myken.