Kystriksveien stretches over 21 municipalities from Steinkjer in the south to Bodø in the north. Here you can get a small overview of what offers are available in the various municipalities. Did you know, for example, that the world's largest garden chair is located in Steinkjer, on the popular city mountain Oftenåsen. Or that Høylandet, which in addition to hosting the Norwegian Revue Festival, probably has the world's second longest covered bridge. Leka is Norway's Geological National Monument, and the island is one of the country's most beautiful and special. In Brønnøy, the spectacular Torghatten awaits and on the neighboring island Vega is the world heritage area. Go to Herøy and Dønna, preferably as island hopping by bike. In Alstahaug, central on Helgeland, is the popular mountain range De Syv Søstre. Visit the majestic glacier Svartisen in Meløy and the whirlpool Saltstraumen south of Bodø. And do not forget the exciting islands, such as Lovund, Myken and Træna! This is just a fraction of what awaits you along Kystriksveien!

Steinkjer Kirke


STEINKJER Innermost in the Trondheim Fjord Steinkjer is the southernmost point along Kystriksveien and is located just 120 km north of Trondheim. The city is the county capital of Trøndelag. Steinkjer is also the northernmost and largest city of the Innherred region, which also encompasses the municipalities of Verdal, Inderøy and Levanger. The coastal road …

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Brønnøy og Brønnøysund. Foto: Olav Breen.

Brønnøy and Brønnøysund

Brønnøy and Brønnøysund Brønnøy and the city Brønnøysund One of Norway’s best known landmarks is located close to the coastal city of Brønnøysund; Torghatten and its huge hole straight through the mountain is a fascinating experience. Whether you arrive by sea, land at the local airport or get here via local highways, you will inevitably …

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Namsos The reconstruction city of Namsos Namsos is the major town of commerce in the Namdal region, a rock and roll / cultural city with long standing traditions in the timber industry. The city has several shopping centres and a pleasant city centre with galleries and speciality shops. Namsos is the largest city in Namdalen. …

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Høylandet Høylandet is best known for being the venue for the Norwegian revue festival which takes place every other year. The next festival happens in July 2021. Høylandet is a living agricultural community in the centre of the Namdal region, and is located along Kystriksveien just 14 km from highway E6 in Grong. Høylandet church …

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Nærøysund The coastal town of Rørvik and Vikna archipelago The coastal town of Rørvik is beautifully located along the shipping lane and serves as the administrative centre of Vikna municipality. Here, you can visit the Norveg Coastal Culture Centre and learn more about the culture and history of this coastline throughout 10,000 years. The vast …

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Leka – Norway’s Geological National Monument

Leka Leka – Norway’s Geological National Monument Leka is Trøndelag’s northernmost municipality and was designated as Norway’s Geological National Monument. The red serpentine mountains and the special geology makes this island one of Norway’s most beautiful and most distinctive. Join us on a journey into the Earth’s interior. Lodging Attractions Videos from Leka Join us …

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Heilhornet. Foto: Olav Breen


Bindal This is where the North begins The southernmost municipality in Nordland is Bindal – on the border to Trøndelag. The mountain Heilhornet, at 1,058 metres above sea level, served as a navigational aid for seafarers sailing in toward the boat-building region of Bindal, where the hidden gold was found in the timber resources of …

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Sømna The agricultural municipality of Sømna The coastal area and the mild climate have since the Iron Age created the lush agriculture that makes Sømna the largest agricultural municipality in the Nordic region. Many travel through the countryside to get to the next ferry as quickly as possible, but there is no reason why! Take …

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Vega. Foto: Øyvind Flatmo


Vega Vega islands Just beyond Brønnøysund lies the municipality and archipelago of Vega with its 6500 islands, islets and skerries. Most residents live on the main island. Generations of fishermen and farmers over the past 1500 years have maintained a viable way of living in an extremely weatherworn area near the Arctic Circle, based on …

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Vistnesstien Vevelstad. Foto: Silje Lindberg


Vevelstad Rock carvings and local coffee destillery At Vevelstad you can experience rock carvings dated back 6,000 years. At Forvik Ferry you can enjoy a good cup of coffee from the local coffee distillery at Forvik. The Helgeland Museum department of Vevelstad is a good starting point to getting  to know this wonderful and diverse …

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Kvasstinden, De Syv Søstre. Foto: Orsolya Haarberg

Sandnessjøen og Alstahaug

Sandnessjøen og Alstahaug The small town of Sandnessjøen at the Helgeland coast , is framed by the most beautiful mountains. The town is a suitable starting point for both short and long mountain walks on the Alsta island and the surrounding islands. De Syv Søstre (The Seven Sisters) mountain range is easily accessible and offers …

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Herøy. Foto: Erlend Haarberg


Herøy Herøy from island to island At Herøy you can swim, fish or kayak in the unique archipelago with its 3122 islands. You easily travel by bike between the largest islands, which are connected by bridges. Along the way is chalky white beaches, as well as panoramic views to the mountain range De Syv Søstre. …

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Dønnmannen. Foto: Orsolya Haarberg


Dønna Dønna Dønna has it all – nature is lush and generous and there is a historical rush over the island. You will come across inland nature with woods, wetlands and high mountains, as well as typical coastal nature with bare islets and reefs. Bring your own, or rent a bike, and try island hopping, …

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Leirfjord Leirfjord is centrally located on the coast of Helgeland, 5 km north of Sandnessjøen (Alstadhaug) over the Helgeland Bridge. There is a connection via road 78 to Mosjøen. Leland Municipality Center is located at road 17, on the north side of Leirfjord. Overnatting Attraksjoner og aktiviteter Attraksjoner i Leirfjord Overnatting i Leirfjord

Sjonfjellet. Foto: Olav Breen


Nesna Nesna is a scenic place midway the Helgeland coast. Why not let Nesna be the base for your holiday and explore the surrounding islands? Havblikk Camping in the centre of Nesna, offers boats, kayaks and bikes for hire. Furthermore, the campsite claims Northern Norway’s largest outdoor water slide. The islands of Hugla, Handnesøya and …

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Lovund i solnedgang. Foto. Olav Breen


Lurøy You might have heard of the island Lovund, with the mountain shaped like a fist towards the big sea. Lurøy with its beautiful and magnificent scenery lies just south of the Arctic Circle. Half of the municipality is mainland, the rest are islands. Some of the islands have always been famous landmarks with their …

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Træna. Foto: Olav Breen


Træna Træna – fishing and festival 33 nautical miles off the coast of Helgeland, lies the islands of Træna. This is Norway’s oldest fishing community and one of it’s smallest municipalities. Every summer the island truly comes to life as the internationally known music festival multiply its population tenfold. Should you visit Træna, the experience …

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Ferga Jektvik - Kilboghamn. Foto: Olav Breen


Rødøy The coastal municipality below the Arctic Circle Rødøy is the coastal municipality below the Arctic Circle. On the ferry crossing between Kilboghamn and Jektvik, one crosses the Arctic Circle, marked with a globe. An extensive network of marked hiking trails makes the spectacular mountains and adventurous hiking areas of Rødøy easily accessible, both on …

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Meløy og Ørnes Diverse Meløy From the glacier Svartisen and Glomfjella mountains in the east to the archipelago in the west, the contrasts are great and the distances short in Meløy. For those who enjoy an active holiday, this area on the northern part of Kystriksveien (the Coastal Road) is like Paradise. Meløy is a …

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Gildeskål. Foto: Reinhard Pantke


Gildeskål Magnificent coastal nature Gildeskål is located in the Salten region and features magnificent coastal nature with fjords and countless islands. Visitors seeking a beautiful mountain excursion should exit from Fv17 to Sundsfjordfjellet Mountain or Sandhornet Mountain. Lodging Attractions Wan’t to go on a bike-ride ? Attractions in Gildeskål Lodging in Gildeskål

Saltstraumen. Foto: Reinhard Pankte


Bodø The northern town of the scenic route Bodø is the northernmost town along the Coastal Road and for many the gateway to Lofoten. This is where the Norwegian Aviation Museum as well as Saltstraumen, one of the world’s strongest tidal currents, are located. In Bodø you will find a rich cultural life, along with …

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