Kystriksveien is a breathtaking tourist road with 650 kilometres of unique coastal landscape. Kystriksveien from Steinkjer to Bodø is believed by many to be the world’s most beautiful tourist route.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days should we calculate on the trip?
You can drive the Kystriksveien in a day or two, but if your are on a holiday you should at least have 5-7 days.  Then you can enjoy the different places you visit and also you will have time to visit some of the islands.

Should I book the ferries? 
It is not possible to book ferries along Kystriksveien. Arrive in time (ie about 30 minutes) before departure. Normally there are no ferry queues along the Kystriksveien, but in July when traffic is at its peak you may have to expect some waiting time.

Should I book accommodation in advance?
In July you should definitely book accommodation in advance. It often turns out that you end up spending a disproportionate amount of time finding a place to stay. Most likely you will have a more succsesful holiday if you spend some time planning.

Kystriksveien Reiseliv will be happy to help you plan your trip and book the necessary accommodations and activities. This service cost NOK 890 - read more here.

How many ferries are there along Kystriksveien?
Along the Fv17 itself there are 6 ferries. If you choose to drive Fv769 between Namsos and Rørvik, there will be a total of seven ferries. In addition, the ferries come out to the islands.

How much do the ferries along Kystriksveien cost?
The price of the ferries depends on the length of the vehicle. For car with trailer (eg caravan) own tariffs apply (car with trailer under a total of 10 meters is twice the ordinary car fare. Over 10 meters there is three times the ordinary car fare.

We recommend buying Autopass Holiday Card which gives 50% discount. This must be arranged well in advance of departure because the card must be mailed to your home address. For more info see autopassferje.no

Can I pay by card on the ferries?
Yes, cash too.

Can I trust that the ferry routes in the travel guide are correct?
The travel guide is printed in December and until the summer some changes are made to the routes. If you want to be 100% sure you should check the ferry routes just before you go on vacation.

What should I not miss along Kystriksveien?
It will probably vary from person to person, but some highlights are so up to date that it would be a shame "to just drive past". Spend time planning your trip. Use the travel guide for Kystriksveien and visit the tourist offices along the way. In the Travel Guide you can browse. a top-20 list of sights.

Can we see the midnight sun along Kystriksveien?
The midnight sun can be seen from the Arctic Circle and north from approx. June 5 through August 10. There are several great viewpoints along the Kystriksveien. Eg. from Dønnesfjellet on Dønna or from Ureddplassen (The border along the fv17) between Gildeskål and Meløy municipality.